What goes into an Airworks enclosure?

Aerospace Grade Aluminum 5052 Construction

Aluminum 5052 is smelted with a small amount of chromium and magnesium to make it nearly impervious to corrosion from the elements. This material is popular for the body panels of aircraft fuselages, as well as everything from chemical manufacturing equipment, to marine fuel tanks.

Its unrivalled ability to withstand the elements make it the ideal material for a piece of equipment that is intended to last for decades in the toughest environments on Earth.

Aerodynamics & Air Flow

Our enclosures' carefully-placed air intakes and exhaust vents provide enough air flow to regulate your engine's temperature while under heavy load.

A focus on air flow isn't constrained to the inside of the compressor, though: Each Twister's chamfered edges assist in aerodynamics, making your service truck even more efficient even when the compressor is off.

Form Factor

Staying true to our roots as manufacturer of air compressors for service trucks, we design each of our enclosures to occupy as little space as possible. Under the hood, you won't see any wasted space.

Noise Attenuation

To deliver the massive outputs that Twisters are famous for, high-powered engines are a necessity. To maintain a reasonable operating volume in spite of this, we insulate our enclosures with state of the art noise dampening foam.

Powder Coated Finish

For an extra level of corrosion resistance, each Twister receives a long-lasting powder coated finish to ensure that your compressor looks as great as it works for years to come.

Our customers care about their service vehicles, and many have gone to great lengths to personalize their trucks as a way to strengthen their brand. Because of this, we are proud to offer custom powder coating. We can paint match any sample you bring us to make your compressor something completely unique.