Vortex Series Hydraulic Drive Units

The World's First D.C. Powered Compact, High Output Hydraulic Power Unit

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Over a decade of research, development, and rigorous testing in extreme environments has enabled us to create a mobile truck-mounted DC-powered hydraulic pump that is unparalleled in today's market.

With its extensive applications such as crane operation, fire rescue, picker trucks, and more; compact size, zero emissions, and high performance, the Vortex is designed to meet any and all of your hydraulic power needs

Patents & Innovation

The World's First D.C. Powered Compact High-Output Hydraulic Power Unit

The Vortex brings unprecedented hydraulic power to your service truck, and can be configured for virtually any application.

Patent CA2844410A1 Dc-powered system for controlling an air compressor or hydraulic fluid pump

A motor vehicle-mounted system for controlling an air compressor or hydraulic fluid pump is provided. The system can alternatively include a battery box or an engine-driven welder configured for supplying DC power to an electric motor via an electric motor controller. The electric motor can operate an air compressor, which can further include an air tank for storing compressed air. The electric motor can also operate a hydraulic fluid pump for operating a pressurized hydraulic fluid system.

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Vortex Hydraulic Power Unit

  • DC Battery Powered

  • Can be optioned to suit any application

  • Replaces traditional PTO driven units