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Revolutionizing Mining Operations with Airworks Cyclone Deflator

At Airworks Compressors Corp, we're dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for the mining industry, and our Cyclone Deflator stands as a beacon of innovation. Specifically designed to cater to the mining sector's unique needs, this remarkable product addresses the most critical challenges in the field while delivering substantial cost savings.

The Airworks Cyclone Deflator: Unmatched Cost Savings

Unlock Substantial Cost Savings The Airworks Cyclone Deflator is more than just a product; it's a powerhouse of cost savings. Purpose-built to swiftly deflate and inflate the colossal tires on earth movers, it achieves extraordinary results. With potential savings of up to $150,000 per hour per vehicle, this innovation is a game-changer for the mining industry.

How It Works

  • The Cyclone Deflator operates on compressed air, activating a high-volume venturi that creates a vacuum. This vacuum efficiently draws air from the tire. It works most effectively with 150-175 cfm of air or 100-120 psi at the input gauge.

  • As the air is released from the tire and the air pressure decreases, the rate of flow also decreases. The deflation tool continues to draw air from the tire until it reaches 0 psi.

  • The Cyclone Deflator significantly reduces deflation and inflation times, with tests showing up to a 55% reduction in deflation times compared to other methods.

What is it?

The Cyclone Tire Deflator is a rapid OTR tire deflator designed to meet the growing need for safe and efficient OTR maintenance on mining sites.

Why Use It?

Through rigorous testing, the Cyclone has proven to reduce deflation times up to 55%, significantly increasing short-term ROI, providing safer and efficient tire repair, and reducing costly equipment downtime. It also helps reduce contaminants released into the atmosphere and surrounding environment.

Safe, Easy, and Quiet

The Cyclone Tire Deflator is incredibly safe and extremely easy to use, operating at approximately 75 dB.


The Cyclone Tire Deflator offers short-term Return On Investment. The 30-foot exhaust/inflation air line also eliminates the need to purchase the industry's standard 15-20-foot safety deflation/inflation air lines.


The tool can be easily removed from the cart and relocated to a fixed position, either vertical or horizontal, enhancing tire inflation times.


The Cyclone Tire Deflator is patented in the U.S. and Australia, ensuring its unique and innovative design.

Practically Maintenance-Free

With its rugged design, the Cyclone requires minimal maintenance, with only the muffler needing servicing when necessary.

Our DC powered compressors are quiet enough to operate in enclosed spaces, compact enough to fit there, and produce absolutely no emissions.

The Cyclone tire deflator saves significant amounts of time for tire deflation on large equipment, minimizing your mining operation's downtime.

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