Airworks G-Force Hybrid Drive System

G Force Hybrid Drive Unit

  • Adds up to 120 horsepower

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Uses regenerative braking

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Horsepower applied during acceleration

Reduction In Fuel Consumption

G-Force In Numbers

G-Force - The future of hybridization for heavy trucks

What is G-Force?

G-Force is an extremely versatile, easily installable, compact system that converts your power take-off-equipped vehicle to a hybrid in the most economical way possible.

How does it work?

Each G-Force contains an extremely powerful capacitor that is continuously charged up via regenerative braking as well as the rotation of the PTO. When the throttle is depressed, the capacitor gets discharged, powering an electric motor, which in turn drives the PTO to assist your vehicle's acceleration. Depending on the configuration, this can provide up to 120 horsepower, while also providing fuel savings of up to 20%, depending on the application.

In addition to assisting acceleration, the G-Force is able to function as an auxiliary power unit, providing power to all your truck's equipment (from your HVAC system, to your without needing to run the chassis at all - giving you even greater fuel savings.

What are the benefits?

Fuel Savings

Heavy vehicles consume massive amounts of fuel during acceleration. A little boost while accelerating makes a huge difference on fuel consumption.

Engine Wear

The reduced load on the engine during acceleration helps to ensure that your truck will run properly for as long as possible. Not to mention the fact that running the G-Force as an auxiliary power unit keeps engine idle time to a minimum.


A 120 horsepower boost, delivered instantly, by the G-Force's DC motor significantly reduces your vehicle's acceleration time.

Where does G-Force perform the best?

G-Force can add something for every power take-off equipped vehicle. That said, it really shines when installed on heavy vehicles that have to stop and start frequently, like garbage trucks, or city buses. In addition to the environmental impacts, G-Force dramatically reduces engine noise, as well as the heat signature of your vehicle, making it suitable for a multitude of military applications.

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Patents & Innovation

A hybridization solution for large trucks.

Using power from your truck's PTO shaft, our G-Force system applies a boost in power at the points where the vehicle is the least efficient - dramatically reducing fuel consumption, while also providing power to on-board DC-powered equipment.

Patent US11124066B2 Auxiliary power unit for mobile service vehicle

An auxiliary power unit system for mobile service vehicles is provided that can provide DC power to DC-powered equipment. The system attaches to the power take-off port of the transmission and can provide power to the DC-powered equipment without idling the engine of the mobile service vehicle, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption and engine exhaust emissions.

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G Force Hybrid Drive Unit

  • Adds up to 120 horsepower

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Uses regenerative braking

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