Eco Clean Technology

Airworks products featuring the Eco Clean badge have been designed with emissions reductions as the primary consideration behind them. By going with Eco Clean, you can know that your business is taking a step in the direction of a greener, more sustainable future.

How do Airworks' products reduce emissions?

Finding innovative ways to reduce energy consumption is what Airworks is all about. Most of our products feature proprietary technology to minimize your environmental impact, while also keeping your energy costs to a minimum. Here's a sample of our green energy catalogue:

The Future of Air Compression

For instance, our Twister series air compressors were originally designed in a way that prevented service trucks from needing to idle. By equipping each compressor with its own engine, a Twister can be serviced by a much smaller motor that runs only when it needs to.

We've since expanded the Twister lineup to operate on a myriad of power sources. From propane, to natural gas, to electric with the world's first DC powered rotary screw air compressor, the Twister E60.

Oil & Gas Modernization

Our Aurora off grid instrument air package is an all in one solution to transform off grid well sites from natural gas to instrument air via solar or wind energy. The fuel savings of this are staggering, and can be calculated with our Instrument Air Savings Calculator, a tool that is based off of our real world data from the many Aurora systems that are out in the field.

Vehicle Hybridization

We developed a patented system that converts heavy vehicles with power takeoff shafts to hybrids. The G-Force uses the power of regenerative braking to charge a capacitor, which then drives an electric motor to assist the vehicle's acceleration. In certain stop and go applications, like waste management, the G-Force can offer up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption.