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Patents & Innovations

Hybrid Drive Units | G Force

A hybridization solution for large trucks.

Using power from your truck's PTO shaft, our G-Force system applies a boost in power at the points where the vehicle is the least efficient - dramatically reducing fuel consumption, while also providing power to on-board DC-powered equipment.

Patent US11124066B2 Auxiliary power unit for mobile service vehicle

An auxiliary power unit system for mobile service vehicles is provided that can provide DC power to DC-powered equipment. The system attaches to the power take-off port of the transmission and can provide power to the DC-powered equipment without idling the engine of the mobile service vehicle, thereby reducing fossil fuel consumption and engine exhaust emissions.

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Hydraulic Power Units | Vortex

The World's First D.C. Powered Compact High-Output Hydraulic Power Unit

The Vortex brings unprecedented hydraulic power to your service truck, and can be configured for virtually any application.

Patent CA2844410A1 Dc-powered system for controlling an air compressor or hydraulic fluid pump

A motor vehicle-mounted system for controlling an air compressor or hydraulic fluid pump is provided. The system can alternatively include a battery box or an engine-driven welder configured for supplying DC power to an electric motor via an electric motor controller. The electric motor can operate an air compressor, which can further include an air tank for storing compressed air. The electric motor can also operate a hydraulic fluid pump for operating a pressurized hydraulic fluid system.

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Air Compressors | Twister

The World's First Compact Diesel Powered Air Compressor

Our Twister series was originally created with the goal of minimizing the service truck's engine idle time that was required to run a compressor. By equipping the Twister with its own motor (powered by anything from propane, diesel, gasoline, or even electricity, and more), it could run the compressor while providing power to the truck for systems such as air conditioning.

Rotary Screw Air End

Rather than compressing air with pistons, rotary screw compressors draw air between two rotating screws. With this simple configuration, rotary screw compressors are very durable and enjoy very easy maintenance. This technology is comfortable in extreme weather conditions, and can provide massive quantities of airflow for many, many years to come.

Patent US20090162218A1 Combination Power Plant/Fluid Compressor for Service Vehicles

A combination power plant/fluid compressor is provided for service vehicles. A small displacement internal combustion engine can be used to drive a fluid compressor, both mounted on a platform that can be mounted on the vehicle. A coupler is used to directly couple power from a pulley mounted on the crankshaft of the engine to the fluid compressor. The engine can operate on fuel from the fuel tank on the vehicle. The engine can be water-cooled and be configured to circulate heated coolant to the engine cooling system on the vehicle. In another embodiment, the engine can be operatively coupled to a stand-alone air conditioning system. In a further embodiment, the engine can be operatively coupled to a stand-alone electrical charging system.

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Battery Boosters | Lightning

A Powerful Multi-Purpose Battery Pack

Provides up to 1600 amps to start batteries in an extremely safe, self-contained package.

Patent CA2827796C Self-contained automotive battery booster system

A self-contained automotive battery booster system for boosting depleted automotive batteries when no external power source is available is provided, the self-contained automotive battery booster system having an integral power source; means for connecting the self-contained automotive battery booster system to an automotive battery; circuitry to ensure the safety of the user, the self-contained automotive battery booster system and the depleted automotive battery; and circuitry to allow the user to control the flow of electricity from the integral power source to the depleted automotive battery.

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Tire Deflators | Cyclone

A game-changer for servicing heavy equipment on-site.

Leveraging the Venturi effect, the Cyclone creates below-atmospheric pressure on its exit tube, enabling shorter deflation times than anything else on the market - all in a quiet, portable package that is extremely easy to use.

Patent AU2015327711A1 - Tire deflation apparatus and method

An apparatus and method is provided for deflating an air-pressurized tire used on heavy machinery or mining equipment. The apparatus can include a venturi tube having a feed tube with one end terminated in the constricted throat of the venturi tube and the other end operatively connected to an exit port of a valve extraction tool connected to a valve stem disposed on the tire's rim. A stream of air can be passed through the throat of the venturi tube to create a region of pressure lower than atmospheric pressure. When the extraction tool removes the valve core of the valve stem, pressurized air in the tire can flow to the low-pressure region in the venturi tube thereby resulting in decreased time to deflate the tire.

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Off Grid Instrument Air | Aurora

An Off-Grid Instrument Air Solution

The Aurora eliminates emissions from off-grid well sites by providing instrumentation air from one of our Twister air compressors, powered by either solar panels or wind turbines.

Patent: US20170292350A1

A system and method is provided for converting wellhead pressure of natural gas wells, or for converting water head pressure of water towers, to rotational power for operating rotated equipment, such as electrical generators, electrical alternators, pumps, air compressors, and other rotated equipment.

Patent: WO2023060342A1

A system and method are provided for generating electrical power or rotational power where the system includes heating thermo-dynamic fluid passing through a heat exchanger causing the fluid to expand and then pass through a turbine to rotate a turbine shaft coupled to an electrical generator to generate electrical power, or to transfer rotational power to rotating machinery. Fluid exiting the turbine can then be cooled before cycling through to the heat exchanger.

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