How Airworks Serves The Natural Gas Industry

Oil & Gas

In the dynamic world of oil and gas operations, every ounce of power and efficiency counts. Imagine a system so versatile that its applications within your oil and gas fleet are virtually boundless. Introducing the G-Force by Airworks Compressors Corp., a groundbreaking solution that redefines the way your fleet accelerates and operates during stop-and-go scenarios.

Unleashing Remarkable Power

The G-Force is not just an addition; it's a force multiplier. This innovative system applies an impressive 60 to 120 horsepower (45 to 90 KW) of additional force to your truck's chassis. The result? Acceleration that's both powerful and efficient, significantly reducing the load on your combustion engine precisely when fuel consumption is at its peak.

Efficiency in Every Braking

But the G-Force doesn't stop there. It's designed for efficiency from start to finish. With regenerative braking, it seamlessly recharges the system during deceleration and braking, ensuring that energy is recaptured and put to good use. This means that while your truck slows down, the G-Force is at work, preparing for the next burst of acceleration.

Charging On the Go

Perhaps one of the most remarkable features of the G-Force is its ability to recharge while your truck is in motion. That's right, no need for cumbersome plug-in charging stations. Whether you're driving down the highway or idling at a worksite, the G-Force is silently and efficiently replenishing its energy reserves.

A Cleaner, More Efficient Future for Your Fleet

With the G-Force on board, your oil and gas fleet takes a giant leap towards a cleaner, more efficient future. Reduced reliance on the combustion engine means fewer emissions, aligning your operations with stringent environmental standards.

Experience the G-Force Difference

The G-Force isn't just a technological marvel, it's a game-changer for your oil and gas fleet. With its ability to deliver exceptional power, efficiency, and environmental responsibility, it's a solution tailored to meet the evolving demands of the industry.

Make the smart choice for your fleet—experience the G-Force by Airworks Compressors Corp. and discover a new era of acceleration and efficiency that's truly boundless.

Products Mentioned

G Force Hybrid Drive Unit

  • Adds up to 120 horsepower

  • Reduces fuel consumption

  • Uses regenerative braking

Aurora A60

  • Zero Emissions

  • 60 CFM Output

  • 24/7 All Weather Operation

Aurora A10

  • Zero Emissions

  • 10 CFM Output

  • 24/7 All Weather Operation